Friday, December 20, 2013

Running Through the Holidays

So embarrassed that this is my first blog post in December! What happened?

Of course, the holidays happened. I finished up a long fall season of running on November 16 then set about getting ready for the arrival of family for Thanksgiving, and it seems like it's been non-stop ever since.

But one good thing about coming off a marathon right before the holidays is that Coach Jenny Hadfield has a four-week marathon recovery plan, so I could stick that thing up on the fridge and check off days, just like I like. And it's gotten me to exercise nearly every day. I also joined a holiday exercise challenge on Facebook (thank you again, Coach Jenny), where you post your proposed mileage for the week and try to hit it. It's low-pressure, but incredibly supportive (seriously -- look this thing up next year!) and it's been enough to get me to do something or other most days.

And I did the Reston Snowman 5K one Saturday. The weather cooperated to produce actual snow, which made for a slippery, tricky, crowded run. But I will definitely do it again, because running with Santa and snowmen and guys in Grinch shorts is a fun part of a holiday season.

Have you been able to exercise this season? Do you think it helps with stress? I can't decide if it helps or just makes me tired. I hope that your holiday season has been a happy one so far!


  1. Haven't run since the Philly marathon. I just added my name to receive Jenny's newsletter. I NEED some motivation!

  2. I really liked her post-marathon recovery plan - it made me get back in the pool, too! It's not "easy" but it lets you decide your own pace on the workouts, so it's not mileage but time. I am still not killing it with the long runs by any means, but I am chalking that up to the holidays.

  3. Great post! Thanks for being a vital part of the Holiday Challenge!

  4. A January marathon (and half, 10K & 5K) is keeping me motivated to train. When it starts to get cold, I head to the woods and trail run. As long as I don't get lost, or shot (either could have happened last week), it's a great experience.

  5. I find that having some race coming up is the trick, no matter how far away or how challenging. I always fall off the train when I have nothing on my calendar. For me, it's Ironman Lake Tahoe next September but 5k's work just fine!